Thank you for attending The Deep Dive!

Friends, thank you for joining me on Saturday. The more I build a steady practice of grounding in my body, reflecting on where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to grow, the stronger I feel this support becoming.

As time goes by, I would love to hear any feedback that comes up for you!

If I were to offer a similar workshop in the future, what parts were most helpful? Do you have any suggestions of what could have been longer, shorter, or different, to make the experience even more beneficial for you?

If anything comes to mind, feel free to email me at I welcome hearing from you!

I recorded this 10-minute guided meditation, which begins with a slow check-in to help you notice how you’re feeling (which changes day to day; so if you like, feel free to use this multiple times) and then leads into my interpretation of what Rev. angel Kyodo williams calls “centering in presence” — using our bodies to remember that who and where we are right now is interconnected to our past, our future, and our relationships.

You can do this meditation sitting comfortably, or lying in your favorite restorative shape. 

It ends in a way that would lead well into journaling, or into deeper rest: whatever you discover, through becoming very present with yourself, feels like the next right step.

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