Online offerings

From my living room to yours. Let's be in this together, even though we're apart.

Group Classes

I teach these classes live via Zoom, which allows us to see and interact with each other. I always include time at the beginning to check in about your requests, help you get oriented to what to expect, and answer any questions. I love that you start to recognize familiar faces each week, and that this feels like a place to build some routine and community into your week.

Once class begins, I guide you with mostly verbal cues -- so you *dont'* have to look at your screen, and can instead settle into deep presence with yourself. I want you to be able to use your practice to get in touch with your own mind and body, and to meet yourself with kindness.

At the end of class, I always leave time for feedback, questions, and a little more community.

I'd love for you to join us!

Yoga for Writers

10:30am-noon, EDT
live via Zoom
sliding scale available if needed
don't hesitate to ask!

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Writing can connect you to your deepest self — your truest thoughts, your most expansive wisdom, your fullest experience of what it is to be human in this complicated, painful, incredibly beautiful world.

Writing can also be lonely, arduous, and uncomfortable — emotionally and physically.

That's true even in normal times. During a global pandemic, it might feel harder than usual to move beyond the jagged surface of spinning thoughts to hear what you actually want to say.

This series is NOT about ignoring what's going on, or forcing yourself to be "productive."

It IS about helping you get grounded enough to get some words on paper, because if you're like me, writing and art are part of what keep you well.

Join us to build community, to support your body, and to give yourself a weekly deep-dive into using yoga practice:

to connect to first thoughts
to feel deeply supported by a loving teacher as you witness your full spectrum of sensation and emotion
and to feel present even amidst uncertainty.

We begin with a short discussion of a theme or focus for the week -- then use a gentle, physical practice to ease tight spots, settle the mind, and cultivate a feeling of being "in flow" -- we end with visualizations or guided meditation in restorative shapes, then transition from that creative place in the mind directly into a writing exercise. There's never any pressure to share your work, but you'll find yourself unearthing surprising images, and leave feeling like you both got a nice movement practice *and* a quality-time date with your artist self.

Getting Unstuck

Self-massage, Gentle Mobility, & Restorative Yoga
4:30-5:45pm, EDT
live via Zoom
sliding scale available if needed
don't hesitate to ask!

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Is sheltering-in-place making you tense and tight in weird places? Could you use a chance to *really* let go of some stress?

This practice will teach you self-massage techniques to release muscular tension, followed by gentle mobility work (usually sitting or lying on the floor) to move your joints and unstick some kinks. We end with guided relaxation in restorative yoga shapes.

You'll finish feeling like you just got a massage, a little bit of exercise, and took a nap. Put the kids/pets/partners/work meeting in another room, close the door, and come out feeling more like YOU.

Check back for more soon!

I also offer private lessons live via Zoom. This is by far the most direct, personalized way to find the practices that feel most helpful to you right now — I get to give you 100% of my attention, listen to exactly what you’re working with, and create a completely customized practice for you.

If you’re interested in private online yoga, I am happy to set up a free consultation meeting where we check out the Zoom technology together, figure out where we would put your mat and computer to make sure I can see you practicing, and talk a little about what we would work on together.

The feedback I’ve been getting from my online private lessons is consistently “I’m amazed how well that worked. I really felt like you were in the room with me.”

Send me an email (yoga at and let’s connect! I would love to hear from you.