“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.”
–Martha Graham

You are one-of-a-kind.

  • The yoga that helps YOUR body feel better than it has in years?
  • The breath practices that help YOU feel centered and resilient, even amidst life’s challenges?
  • The places where YOU need a little more strength…
  • or a little less pain…
  • or a little more clarity to really get the benefit you want out of this time and energy you’re investing in yourself?

You *can* find them in a group class. In fact, if you practice for long enough, with enough good teachers, and build a home practice to experiment on your own, I’m confident you *will* find them without ever taking a private lesson.

But it may take a while.

Yoga is vast. And I truly believe it has the power to change your life. It has certainly changed mine —  and the lives of many people I know.

What I love about private yoga is that — right away — these sessions are custom-built for YOU.

  • The nagging ache you woke up with in your neck or your shoulder? We can work on it.
  • The most stressful parts of your job or your family life? We can co-create practices to help you breathe through them.
  • Yoga to wake you up, or help you sleep better? We could work on that, too.

Our sessions will always meet you right where you are — knowing that for all of us, that changes day to day.

We’ll take your unique physical needs into account — of course any aches and pains, or injuries and health conditions, or just those slight imbalances we all have — super strong quads from biking might want to be balanced out with more back strength, for example; or maybe you used to love the gym but now with kids you need something you can practice at home.

And, because mind and body aren’t as separate as we humans once believed them to be (I love nerding out about the research on this), this mind-body practice can also help you feel more connected, present, and creative. Yoga was a game-changer for my own bouts of writers’ block, and (alongside other therapies, if needed) can be incredibly powerful for helping you manage depression or anxiety or just build resiliency and courage in this challenging world we live in.

Yoga can become this place where you practice meeting yourself as you are — body, mind, heart — and taking ever better care of yourself.

Knowing that when you fill up your own reserves — taking in support from a kind and experienced teacher, and most of all making time to take care of YOURSELF with deep, curious presence — you will have so much more to give the world, and all the parts of it you touch. You could even think of this practice partly as a gift to your family, your friends, your career, your art, your community.

If you’re new to yoga, private lessons will help you build a practice from the ground up that connects you to your body and ALL the ways you can feel more at home in it.

We can work on building strength and mobility, improving balance and agility, and finding movement you honestly LOVE — which means you’ll actually WANT to do this practice, unlike those workouts you may have forced yourself through while begrudging them the whole time.

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you may — as I did several years ago — have noticed that, despite loving your yoga practice, you’ve still got frequent nagging aches and pains, or poses that never quite seem to work for you. Or perhaps your body or life have changed, and group classes aren’t serving you as well as they used to for other reasons.

I have found that many longer-term yoga practitioners (including us teachers) have changing needs after a number of years of practice. You may have plateaued your strength and flexibility in certain areas or just have gotten uninspired. One of my passions is in reverse-engineering yoga asana into the skills and movements that we actually need to master to perform the poses we love with functional strength, intuitive and embodied connection, curiosity, and deep presence.

Our sessions can incorporate thera-bands, hand-weights, Yoga Tune-Up balls, strength and mobility work, restorative yoga, and other elements less commonly found in group classes (as my own home practice regularly does) to help you rekindle your love for the yoga practices your body, mind, and heart are *actually* calling out for, right now.

So… if you’re tired of relying on a massage therapist or a chiropractor to “do something” to your body any time you’re in pain…

Or if you’re frustrated with going to group classes and putting up with half the class just not feeling that good or useful for your body or maybe for your emotions…

Or if you’re looking for a movement practice that will truly help your body feel better than it has since you were a kid, while supporting your whole life — mind, heart, and all…

Private yoga might be worth a try.

Private yoga is about empowering YOU to rapidly become your own best guide and teacher.

My goal in our sessions is to create a laboratory where you can experiment with thoughtfully chosen practices, ask questions, LEARN, and discover what works best for you.

Yoga can change your life. Private yoga might change it faster.

Okay, this sounds cool, but… what does it actually look like?

Private yoga can look like one or two sessions to jump-start your home practice, or to refine something you never quite seem to spend enough time on in group classes.

Or, private yoga can be an ongoing relationship, where we commit to a steady schedule and grow a practice together that becomes a vital and valuable source of support and discovery in your life.

We can practice at my home or yours, or at a local studio.

The first step is to set up a consultation call so we can chat more about your goals and interests, my background and skills, and find out if we might be a good match for one another. (This call is free and totally without obligation — it’s a chance for us both to get to know one another.)

I love talking about yoga — so even if it turns out private yoga’s not a good fit for you right now, or our schedules aren’t going to line up at the moment, I may have some tips or recommendations, and I’ll be so glad to hear from you!

Get in touch!