20 Questions for 2018

So… why 20 Questions? Honestly, the idea came to me just the other day. I’ve noticed that this time of year — toppling toward the Winter Solstice and the New Year — seems to bring out a strong urge to dive inward. Does this happen to you, too? Do you notice a shift in your […]

Lessons from a blackberry bush

A blackberry bush only gives berries on its second-year canes. Meaning: the stalks that grow this summer will not bear fruit until next. And the canes that are covered in berries this year? They will never produce again. You’ll have to cut them down. Make space for the new. And what I want to say […]

Getting from point A to point B

I used to be obsessed with this question: how did you get from point A to point B? Where point A is knowing you want a thing, and point B is having achieved a life immersed in it. Aspiring writer to publishing author. Would-be inventor to patent, production, and profit. Cooking enthusiast to professional chef. […]

Advice to my younger self:

The only way to learn is by doing. Which means you have to try things, even things you’re going to fail at many times. Failing doesn’t mean you are a failure. It means you’re learning. I wish I had learned this sooner. But maybe failing to learn it was the way I had to learn […]

Knowing is different than consuming

Why do you need a practice? Because practice is how you get information from OUT THERE to IN HERE. Meaning in YOU. Think about something you know. Like, know so well it feels like a no-brainer. (Interesting phrase, hm?) Tying your shoes? Climbing stairs? Boiling water? Maybe even things that for other people would be […]