Group classes

"I haven't done yoga in a few weeks, so I was thinking, what do I need? And I realized... I need Sarah."
-- Student feedback

Gentle and restorative classes that meet you where you are.
Whether you're just getting back into movement,
or seeking a stress-relieving complement to harder workouts,
you'll be amazed by how your body and mind respond to slowing down.

It's where the magic happens.

Gentle Flow

Mondays, 9:30 – 10:45am
Wake Up Yoga South
1839 E. Passyunk

Ease into your week with mindful movement, breath awareness, and guided relaxation. You’ll leave feeling calm but awake, thoroughly connected to your body but not depleted, and inspired for the day ahead.

Flow & Restorative

Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:45pm
Wake Up Yoga South
1839 E. Passyunk

Wind down and let go of stress with gentle movement to shake off the day, feel-good stretches for tense muscles, and relaxing restorative poses to connect inward and actually hear your deeper self. You’ll leave calmer, more connected, and go home to the best sleep of your week.

If these times and locations don't work for you,
get in touch with me about

  • Would your office function better if you had a 45-minute feel-good-yoga and guided relaxation break over lunch hour once a week?
  • Want to plan a private yoga class for your family get-together, bachelorette party, or college reunion?
  • Yoga in your school, in your apartment complex, in your local community center?
  • Talk to me about creating a customized class that meets your needs! Unlike some classes that only work if you’re already super strong or flexible, I teach yoga for all bodies, all ages, all experience levels — which means we can create a class your whole group will genuinely enjoy.

  • Email, and let’s talk!