Upcoming Workshops & Events

Once-a-month Restorative Yoga
Tuesday, May 21st, 7:15 – 8:15pm
Location: Gloria Dei Old Swede’s Church

Restorative yoga is a profound and powerful form of self-care. We will settle into comfortable, supported shapes, and use breath and guided imagery to release muscle tension and encourage your nervous system to let go of unconscious patterns of stress. This is a safe, accessible, and deeply relaxing practice, which is appropriate for all experience levels — beginners, those working with injury or chronic pain, or experienced yogis seeking an embodied meditative practice.

The nitty-gritty:

Time: 7:15-8:15pm (arrive a few minutes early)
Cost: $10, cash or check
What to wear: Anything comfortable and non-restrictive. Whatever you’d wear to take a nap will be perfect.
What to bring: We have mats and yoga blocks, but for restorative, it’s Bring-Your-Own-Props at Old Swede’s Church! I recommend at least one pillow (a bed pillow is perfect) and one or two throw blankets or large beach towels.

(Of course, as anyone who practices restorative knows, the more props the merrier — there’s free parking at the church, so if you’re driving, toss in an extra pillow or blanket and we’ll put it to good use.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Yoga for Writers
an intimate mini-retreat
Tuesdays in June
June 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th
Location: Sarah’s home (near Broad & Morris) 

Read more here! Space is limited.

Previous Workshops & Events

Get in touch if you’d like to bring a workshop or event to your favorite studio or other location!

Getting Unstuck: Rolling and Restorative for the Upper Body

Join Sarah for this specialized yoga workshop, where you’ll practice stress-melting self-massage with yoga therapy balls, spend time in customized restorative poses, and learn take-home techniques to release tension in your upper body.

Many of us tend to collect stress in our jaw, neck, shoulders, or upper back. In this educational and deeply relaxing workshop, you’ll hone in on finding more ease, space, and awareness throughout the muscles and fascia of your upper body (which is also home to your lungs, heart, and brain). And since body and mind aren’t as separate as we sometimes make them out to be, you may notice a renewed freshness, peace, or spaciousness in your thoughts as your breath slows down, your muscles release, and your attention moves more deeply inward.

Beginners are very welcome! But sign up soon — space is limited to 10 students so that Sarah can give you personalized attention and assistance. And, if you fall in love and want to practice more at home, Sarah will have some extra Yoga Tune-Up® therapy balls available for purchase after the workshop.


Empowered Anatomy: Happier Hips, On & Off the Mat

Life asks a lot of your hips. Walking, running, schlepping groceries or kids around, and oh, so much sitting can leave your hips feeling tight, achy, or sometimes just a bit… wonky? You may have noticed that knee pain or low-back issues seem related to your hips, as well.

Yoga might sometimes work like magic—but perhaps you have a love/hate (or just hate?) relationship with pigeon pose, or notice your hip joint clicking, cramping, or pinching in certain poses. Maybe no matter how often you try to stretch, the tightness seems to come back. What’s up with that?

In this workshop, we’ll “think outside the pigeon” to give you an embodied understanding of the basic anatomy and function of your hip joints, in a real-time practice where you’ll explore your own ranges of motion, and learn an empowering template for figuring out what’s going on with YOUR hips (which are not exactly the same as anyone else’s).

Come to learn:

  • Some of the key muscles around your hips and reasons they might feel “tight” (and why stretching isn’t always the answer)
  • Sneaky hip strength and mobility exercises that you can practice at work, while washing dishes, or even watching TV
  • How to get more “bang for your buck” in yoga poses by engaging the muscles around your hips
  • How (and why) to modify key poses to suit your own needs and priorities
  • Sarah’s number one tip for happier hips!

Please note: This workshop is intended to empower you, spark your curiosity, and deepen your connection to your own body. It is NOT intended to diagnose or treat specific injuries or conditions. If you suspect you have an acute or chronic injury, please consult your doctor or physical therapist, not your yoga teacher.

Slowga: Slow-Motion Yoga for Subtle Observation & Internal Transformation

Saturday, January 27, 2018, 1:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Co-teaching: Elliot Polinsky & Sarah Kowalski

We all have habits: ways of holding our bodies in the world, loops of thought that stick like songs in our heads, stories rooted so deeply we barely notice as we tell them softly to ourselves. The daily-ness of life carries momentum; and sometimes, even during yoga, we may catch ourselves mulling through those same patterns, or tweaking that same creaky joint, in the same way, again and again. In this workshop we will slow way down, moving breath and body so gradually that habitual momentum fades and full attention can orient toward the continuously opening present.

Elliot and Sarah will guide you through an asana practice (physical yoga) designed to help you move joints safely and well while making space for a close observation of self. To help direct awareness, we will draw on the yogic concept of the koshas (an intuitive way of comprehending body, breath, mind, and consciousness) as well as that of the rasas (a system for comprehending the experience of perceiving emotion). Expect to move slowly through accessible (though sometimes surprising) motions, led by two experienced teachers who offer supportive imagery and directed metaphors to guide you through a curious, cathartic, ultimately grounding self-inquiry.

This workshop’s slow pace and kind tone aim to engender a relaxed state of being — a parasympathetically oriented nervous system — and to leave you off feeling great. Physically, you’ll observe muscles and breath at work in slow motion; energetically, you’ll savor the different rasas to cast new light on your mental and emotional experience. By dropping more deeply into your practice, you may be able to locate new patterns of self discovery. It could be that the more slowly one moves, the more time and space can feed both a yoga practice and the deeper sorts of change encountered therein.

Some experience with yoga is helpful, though the flows will not be overly taxing and variations are always available.

$55.00 – Per Person 
$49.50 – 10% member discount: $49.50 
$45.00 – Early registration if by 1/11: $45 

For more information or to register online, visit Wake Up Yoga’s website.