Sarah Kowalski

Hi, I’m Sarah (she/her). I’m a writer, yoga teacher, and mother, based in Philadelphia, PA.

I’m obsessed with embracing complexity without getting stuck. In other words, with remembering how to feel fully human in a world that often asks us to oversimplify, avoid, or dehumanize parts of ourselves or one another.

I’m someone who’s struggled with perfectionism, and yoga is where I learned to get out of my head and into my body — with all its wisdom. I love helping fellow overthinkers and self-criticizers befriend themselves and feel more fully at home inside themselves.

Practice with Me

I love that yoga practice always meets us where we are. It’s about this breath. This moment. Yep, exactly as it is.

Because here’s the thing. Life keeps changing. You break your toe. You change jobs. You can’t sleep. You feel bored by what you used to love. You sense you’re on the cusp of something new. You’re grieving something that’s been lost. You’re scared, but you want to figure out how to do it anyway.

As a human, it’s your birthright to move through cycles of growth, change, and transition. Usually — whether we’re talking about your body, your career, your relationships, or your sense of purpose, there’s no one “right” answer about what your next step should be.

What there is? Is presence. Yoga, meditation, and writing are tools that can help you slow down enough to notice where you are. To breathe. To connect past the surface flurry to what’s deeper.

These days, I’m grateful to be offering both private lessons and group yoga classes live via Zoom. I love the connections, community, and transformation that’s happening even across distance.

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